Monday, August 17, 2015

This book is the first in the series and also the first I have read by this author. 

I have to say the author is a great writer. The book had good flow to it and was a very interesting cozy mystery featuring animals. 

Ashley Crane is a cook at a popular restaurant when her not so nice boss is murdered. Darren has made more enemies than friends so there is a list a mile long of suspects. 

When Ashley begins to get threatening phone calls warning her not to talk about what she has heard in the restaurant between employees, she begins to wonder just what everyone around her is caught up in. 

Ashley decides to help out the hunky detective to solve this murder. 

This book has many twists until the very end when you finally find out who there murderer is. It combines: mystery, humor, cute pets, and possibly a love interest. 

Looking forward to reading more of what this author writes. 

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